Fix Outlook 2011 forgetting password

Published on May 20, 2015

In this blog segment, we will be discussing about how to fix Outlook 2011 forgetting passwords. Users using the Outlook 2011 for OS X, & after upgrading it to OS X Mavericks, they might find issues related to passwords. The program might prompt the users to enter the passwords again & again.

The reason behind this error is that the computer might get active after a long time or the computer wakes up from sleep.

It can also be occurred due to some bugs because of the Apple's Nap application handling service within the OS X Mavericks & results in Outlook issues. This Service when running in the background stopped a program from execution for faster performance of the system & also for better battery life of the laptops.

Unfortunately, this particular service results in disconnection of Outlook & hindering it from authenticating with the configured mail servers. Therefore, while using the Outlook, turning off the App Nap is recommended. In order to make it OFF, simply go to program in the Application folder & thereafter select the particular program and press Cmd-i for the information.

Now, in the information window, enlarge the General Tab & then select the checkbox of 'Prevent App Nap.' Doing so will keep the program active & moreover improve the ability of maintaining connections with the email servers.

In addition, you may also have the problem with account keychain entries which Outlook utilizes for storing the login credentials. In case, if any of the keychains got damaged, it might not work properly. So, it is recommended to remove the keychain entries & try to recreate them. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Keychain Access utility (Applications --Utility folder)
  2. Then, select the keychain 'login'
  3. After that, search for the email service, especially for server name of account configured in Outlook.
  4. At last, select the keychain entry displayed there & delete it from there.

After acquiring all these tasks, launch the Outlook again & provide necessary details like passwords. As you login into the Outlook, a new keychain entry will automatically be created & replace the one you have deleted earlier. Then, the Outlook will start working properly without prompting you to login again & again.