Why Mac is Less than 5 % of the World's Market Share of OS?

Published on January 30, 2015

Yes, it is very much true Macs do not play with others and can only function with Apples branded hardware because Macs has some certain features and it is only designed for Apple hardware that's the reason why it will not function with other hardware. Latest versions of the Macintosh operating system, including the Mac OS X, follows the sound architecture of UNIX. Systems developed by Apple are efficient and slight efforts are required to use, but can only function on Apple branded hardware, which are luxurious as compare to other branded hardware. It mainly focuses on the entertainment field of application like photography, animation, video and audio processing and office application. And thus we can admit the fact that Mac is less than one percent of the world's market share of operating systems.

Facts below why most of % is using Microsoft Windows Operating System???

Windows support many peripheral devices, it also provides graphical user interface, virtual memory management and Windows operating systems are multitasking as compared to others. Windows is the fashionable Microsoft brand chosen by most of the personal users. This system has come with the version 1.0, and then released Windows NT Line which is basically for networking and soon to be released Windows Server 2012. Although Windows has set up a power walk in regard to security, it has a reputation for being the world's most favored operating system.

Upgrading Mac is Tricky

Mac is the short form of Macintosh and it refers to any computer manufactured by Apple. While on the other hand Windows, Linux and all other Operating System are compatible to work with Personal Computers. Mac is only design to work with Apple manufacturer while Microsoft Windows is compatible to work with several manufacturers companies like HP, Dell, Acer etc thus we can conclude upgradation involve with Mac is quite low. To understand it easily let us go through the given below comparison.

  • Mac is not compatible to open file with other file format as it needs some other software to open the file while Windows is compatible to work with many file format.
  • Mac support less programs and games as limited choices due to limited user range and developer power lacks while Windows support more program and games due to excess user range and large developer power.
  • On the bases of the performance Mac can only support Apple software while Windows support many other external software.
  • On the bases of availability Mac is only compatible with Apples hardware it can only be installed in Apple Manufactured systems while Windows can be installed in any other PC.
  • Antivirus are less for Mac because of the reason Mac are not very popular as Windows thus there are less anti viruses writers for Mac OS.
  • Mac especially attracts graphic designers, video and music producers and basically it has been designed for entertainment purpose While Windows also attracts designers and business user also tends to use Windows because of its easiness.

Support only Limited Software

There are many software's which does not perform well with Mac. In the market there is a huge list of application available which are having major issue as well as some other application with minor issue. Although substitute option is available in the market but with very low version or you can say older version.

No doubt Windows offers more software and apps contrast to Mac OS. As Windows is more ancient than Mac where a large numbers of developers are working for Windows software and creating new apps daily with more advancement. Respectively Windows offers more option if it comes to most wanted and bigger apps like video and media player.

Restrictions with Downloading Stuffs or Alternative Programmes

Windows offers high flexibility as numbers of programs software games can be downloaded from internet they do not give errors after the download as Windows support to work with many programs.

  • Windows is more compatible to work with other software and hardwares.
  • Windows is used by most of the world.
  • Windows provide more options for downloading without troubleshoot.
  • Windows provides a great gaming experience.
  • Windows provide more options for video and audio production.
  • Thus we can say that Windows support downloading stuffs or other alternative program.